Managing the LEED Analysis for the New Civil and Environmental Engineering Complex at Mississippi State University


Mississippi State University (MSU) represented by its Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department is currently in the design-development stage for the construction of a new CEE Complex (CEEC). The CEE is garnering a new focus on sustainability with special emphasis on environmentally responsible design, construction, and operation of constructed facilities. To promote the aforementioned goals of sustainability, the authors have mentored a group of 23 undergraduate junior students under the High-Performance Sustainable Construction class to provide a comprehensive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) analysis for the new CEEC. Based on the 2009 Reference Guide for Green Building Design and Construction, this paper presents a detailed overview showing (1) which credits are attainable in light of the current available design documents; (2) which credits are not incorporated in the current design documents but are achievable with some modifications and amendments; and (3) which credits are not obtainable regardless of any reasonable new design proposals. This case-study research shows that CEEC can possibly earn up to 71 points to acquire a LEED Gold certification. In addition, this study shows how undergraduate students can be mentored through active learning techniques to be effective and efficient participants in societal developments through their university curriculums.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Design; Energy efficiency; Environmental engineering; Management; Students, Environmental quality; Environmentally responsible; Leadership in energy and environmental designs; Mississippi State University; Sustainable construction; Sustainable site; Undergraduate students; Water efficiency, Sustainable development

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0742-597X; 1943-5479

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01 May 2014