Field Evaluation of Implementation Issues for Superpave on Low-Volume Roads


This paper discusses issues related to the implementation of the Superpave mixture design system for use on low volume roads. The goal is to outline areas that local agencies should consider when implementing Superpave mixes on low volume roads. The discussed issues raise concerns on the implementation of Superpave technology based on field observation of early Superpave mixes in Nebraska. The study suggests that Superpave applications on low volume roads, while feasible, require the same consideration in mix consistency as do high volume roads. State Highway Agencies (SHAs) must allocate enough resources for sufficient QA/QC testing to ensure mix uniformity. The paper attempts to expose the importance of mix consistency on Superpave applications for low volume roads. While SHAs support the relaxation of Superpave requirements to allow for local material use, resources should be allocated for sufficient testing.

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Transportation Research Board 86th Annual Meeting (2007: Jan. 21-25, Washington, DC)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Asphalt mixtures; Field tests; Implementation; Low volume roads; Mix design; Pavement design; Pavement performance; Pavements; Quality assurance; Quality control; State highway departments; Superpave; Technological innovations; Technology

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Article - Conference proceedings

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25 Jan 2007