Contractor Performance Evaluation for the Best Value of Superpave Projects


The best-value (BV) procurement process uses other key factors as well as bid price in the evaluation and selection of the best-performing contractor for the job. Contract time, lane rental, warranty, and quality of delivered product are examples of the key factors that indicate the contractor-expected performance. Literature on best value shows a need for analyzing the past performance of the contractor in similar jobs as an indicator of his/her qualification trend. This paper addresses this issue and proposes a methodology to incorporate quality of delivered product in the BV procurement system of asphalt construction. The paper uses past quality control (QC) testing results and utilizes Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the probability that the contractor gets full payment as an indication of qualification trend. The QC data were obtained from the Nebraska Department of Roads for a number of Superpave pavement projects. The results show the possibility of assigning a quality score for the contractor based on the past performance. This paper contributes to the current practice of best value with a new approach of employing QC as part of the selection process.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Best Value; Contractors; Highway Construction; Highways And Roads; Pavement; Pavements; Payment; Procurement; Quality Control; Simulation

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01 May 2010