Corrosion Performance of Reactive-Enamel Coated Reinforcing Steel


Originally developed to improve the bond between reinforcing steel and concrete, reactive-enamel coatings have shown great promise in improving the corrosion resistance of reinforcing steel. The reactive-enamel coating consists of cement blended with glass enameling frit that is fused onto the steel. This study evaluated three different enamel formulations: 1) pure enamel; 2) a 50/50 mixture of enameling frit to portland cement; and 3) two-coat, two-fire coating consisting of pure enamel followed by a 50/50 mixture. For the enamel coatings, test results indicated that the 50/50 mixture provided the least protection to the underlying steel, while the double enamel provided the highest protection, and the pure enamel provided a degree of protection between the two. Conventional epoxy-coated bars provided the highest degree of corrosion protection, but one benefit of the enamel coatings is their resistance to corrosion undercutting the coating. © 2012, American Concrete Institute. All rights reserved.


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© 2012 American Concrete Institute (ACI), All rights reserved.

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01 Jan 2012

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