This paper presents a constrained Mult objective optimization method in the form of a robust, practical, problem-independent formulation based on genetic algorithm combined with game theory and investigates the effect of Mult objective optimization on structural design. the study includes objectives, constraints, and design variables as well as their effect on structural design and behavior. the algorithm comprises - Mult objective fitness function, niche method, and Pareto set filter. a 10-story setback building is used to illustrate the evaluation of three choices: steel frame, reinforced concrete frame, composite steel and reinforced concrete frame. Evaluation is based on economics as well as performance. Comparison of optimum design results is obtained with consideration of weight, structural cost, and seismic energy for all three frames subjected to the same seismic input. Constraints are based on Uniform Building Code specifications including stress, displacement, drift, and ratio of story stiffness. the new approach provides a powerful tool to locate a global solution. Copyright 2004 ASCE.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Buildings; Multiple objective analysis; Optimization; Seismic design; Structural design

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Dec 2004