Flexural Strength of Cold-Formed Steel Panels using Structural Grade 80 of A653 Steel


Cold-formed steel decks made of the Structural Grade 80 of ASTM A653 steel (formerly ASTM A446 Grade E steel) are currently designed according to the AISI specification, using 75% of the specified minimum yield strength of the steel or 60 ksi (413.7 MPa), whichever is less, due to the lack of ductility of the steel. To further evaluate the flexural strength of the cold-formed steel decks using such a steel, a total of seventy-two deck panels with hat-shaped sections were designed and tested under simply supported and two-point loading condition. The test results indicated that for the panel specimens with small w/t ratios (17.93 to 61.07), the tested yield moments were reached and are compared reasonably well with the calculated effective yield moments using actual dimensions, actual yield strength of the steel, and the 1986 AISI Specification. However, for the panel specimens with large w/t ratios (102.86 to 189.95), the tested ultimate moments are lower than the calculated effective yield moments, but much larger than the calculated moments using the specified value of 60 ksi. Fracture in tension was not observed in the tested panels. Panel specimens designed for the first yielding in the tension flange developed higher ratios of tested yield moment to calculated effective yield moment.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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01 Dec 1996

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