Effective Implementation of Modularization Demands Close Collaboration among the Various Project Stakeholders Due to the Distinct and Complex Needs of Such Construction Method. in Fact, Lack of Adequate Collaboration is One of the Main Factors Impacting Modular Construction Performance. Despite that, No Previous Study Has Yet Addressed Collaboration Requirements in Modular Construction and their Cascading Failure Impact on Project Performance. This Paper Fills Such a knowledge Gap. to This End, the Authors Followed a Multistep Research Methodology. First, Systematic Literature Analysis Was Performed to Identify the Factors Impacting Collaboration and the Impacted Modular Risks as Well as their Cause-Effect Relationships. Second, Two Surveys Were Distributed to Collect (1) Importance Weights and Failure Probabilities for the Collaboration Factors; and (2) Failure Probabilities and Performance Impacts for the Modular Risks. Third, Network Analysis Was Conducted using In- and Out-Degree Centralities to Determine the Most Influential and Sensitive Aspects in Terms of Collaboration. Fourth, Independent Cascade Modeling Was Performed to Capture the Cascading Failure Effect of Various Collaboration Aspects on Project Performance. Ultimately, a Total of 25 Factors Were Found to Impact Collaboration Categorized under Four Themes, Including (1) Project Organization and Control, (2) Stakeholders' Relationships and Characteristics, (3) Information Sharing, Documentation, and Technologies, and (4) Design and Construction Planning. Furthermore, 10 Modular Operation Risks Were Found to Be Impacted by Collaboration in Construction Projects. Although the Most Influential Factors Were Related to Information Sharing, Documentation, and Technologies, the Most Sensitive Factors Fell within the Design and Construction Planning. Most Importantly, Results Show that Inadequate Collaboration during Design and Construction Planning Can Lead to 70.6% Direct Growth in Schedule and Cost of Modularized Projects. This Paper Contributes to the Body of Knowledge by Offering an Unprecedented Framework that Investigates Collaboration Requirements in Modular Construction and their Interdependencies.


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01 Nov 2023