Intelligent Hybrid Controlled Structures with Soil-Structure Interaction


A hybrid control system is presented for seismic-resistant building structures with and without soil-structure interaction (SSI). The hybrid control is a damper-actuator-bracing control system composed of passive and active controllers. An intelligent algorithm is developed for the hybrid system, in which the passive damper is designed for minor and moderate earthquakes and the active control is designed to activate when the structural response is greater than a given threshold quantity. Thus, the external energy for active controller can be optimally utilized. In the control of a multistory building, the controller placement is determined by evaluating the optimal location index (OLI) calculated from six earthquake sources. In the study, the soil-structure interaction is considered both in frequency domain and time domain analyses. It is found that the interaction can significantly affect the control effectiveness. In the hybrid control algorithm with intelligent strategy, the working stages of passive and active controllers can be different for a building with and without considering SSI. Thus SSI is essential to be included in predicting the response history of a controlled structure.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Hybrid Control; Intelligent Control; Optimal Location; Shallow Foundation; Soil-Structure Interaction

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Article - Journal

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01 Mar 2004