Silicone sealants are used as structural connections between the two glass plates in an insulating glass (IG) unit and between the IG unit and the supporting mullion. These connections become an integral part of the entire glazing system, worthy of attention by structural design engineers. Since the behavior of IG units subjected to lateral pressures, such as wind, is highly nonlinear, von Karman plate equations are employed in the mathematical model developed here. Also, since the two thin glass plates are separated by a sealed air space, a complex interaction occurs between the trapped air space and the glass plates. In the model developed here, the connections between the two glass plates and between the plate and mullion are modeled as continuous springs along the boundaries of the IG unit. Stresses in the glass plates and forces that occur in the IG-unit seal and the structural seal are calculated as the IG unit is subjected to a lateral pressure. © ASCE.


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01 Jan 1990