Although cold-formed steel C- and Z-shaped members possess a very favorable strength-to-weight ratio, are easily fabricated and erected, and offer a cost-effective structural design solution, they can be highly susceptible to local buckling. To adequately address the impact of the local buckling limit state, a complex, time-consuming design office effort may be required. Therefore, to facilitate the design of such shapes, a study was conducted that focused on developing relatively simple, easy-to-apply design guidelines. The design guidelines address the behavior of cold-formed steel C- and Z-shaped members when used as either a flexural member or a compression member. Both edge-stiffened and unstiffened compression elements are considered by the design guidelines. The design guidelines are unique in that they employ the concept of applying strength-reduction factors to either the bending strength or the axial compression strength. All strength computations use the full cross-section areas. © ASCE.


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01 Jan 1993