Providing Sufficient Pavement Surface Friction (I.e., Skid Resistance) between Vehicle Tires and Pavement Surface throughout the Pavement Service Life is Considered to Be One of the Main Objectives of Highway Design. Moreover, Vehicle Safety, the Amount of Consumed Fuel, and the Wearing Rate of Vehicle Tires Generally Are Influenced by Pavement Surface Friction. in This Study, a Comprehensive Experimental Testing Program Was Conducted on Different Aggregate Sources, Including Calcined Bauxite and Five Alternative Local Sources, to Assess their Friction Characteristics. the Testing Program Included a British Pendulum Tester (BPT) and a Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT), Which Were Used to Evaluate the Friction Characteristics of the Proposed Aggregates, Along with Basic and Durability Properties Tests. the Aggregate Imaging Measurement System (AIMS) Technique Was Applied to Evaluate the Aggregate Characteristics Due to Micro-Deval Degradation. This Study Provides Two Empirical Models for the Friction Characteristics of High-Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)-Application Aggregates based on the Experimental Results. the First Model Correlates the Friction Coefficient at 20 Km/h (DFC20) with the British Pendulum Number (BPN). the Second Model Expresses DFC20 as a Function of Polishing Resistance of Aggregates, Which is Represented by the Initial and Terminal Aggregate Texture and Angularity Values Measured using the AIMS Device with an overall Coefficient of Determination (R2) of 0.949. the Aggregate Characteristics (I.e., Particle Angularity and Surface Texture) Align Well with the Microtexture Characteristics of the Investigated Sources.


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Aggregate Imaging Measurement System (AIMS); British Pendulum Number (BPN); Dynamic Friction Coefficient (DFC); Friction Characteristics; High Friction Surface Treatment; Micro-Deval; Nonlinear Optimization; Polishing

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1943-5533; 0899-1561

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01 May 2023