Flexural Capacity of RC Beams Externally Bonded with SRP and SRG


The use of externally bonded Steel-Reinforced Polymer (SRP) and Steel Reinforced Grout (SRG) composites is a promising new technology for increasing the flexural and shear capacities of reinforced concrete (RC) members. The reinforcement system in these composites is a sheet made up of unidirectional cords consisting of tightly wound ultra high strength steel wires. The reinforcement can be molded into resin systems (SRP) or cementitious grout (SRG). This paper reports on a study aimed at investigating the flexural strength improvement and performance of RC beams with externally bonded SRP and SRG. Three specimens were tested under four-point bending with variables considered including the number of reinforcement plies and types of bonding agents. Based on this study, it was concluded that this new technology has potential for the repair and strengthening of concrete structures. Test results indicate that up to 100% increase in the flexural capacity can be achieved using these strengthening systems.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Second Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Steel Reinforced Grout; Steel Reinforced Polymer; Strengthening

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2004