Experimental Study on Tuned Liquid Damper Performance in Reducing the Seismic Response of Structures Including Soil-Structure Interaction Effect


In this paper, the performance of a tuned liquid damper (TLD) in suppressing the seismic response of buildings is investigated with shake table testing of a four-story steel frame model that rests on pile foundation. The model tests were performed in three phases with the steel frame structure alone, the soil and pile foundation system, and the soil-foundation-structure system, respectively. The test results from different phases were compared to study the effect of soil-structure interaction on the efficiency of a TLD in reducing the peak response of the structure. The influence of a TLD on the dynamic response of the pile foundation was investigated as well. Three types of earthquake excitations were considered with different frequency characteristics. Test results indicated that TLD can suppress the peak response of the structure up to 20% regardless of the presence of soils. TLD is also effective in reducing the dynamic responses of pile foundation.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Shaking Table Model Test; Soil-Structure Interaction; Tuned Liquid Damper; Vibration Control

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Article - Journal

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01 Jan 2006