MMDGAN: A Fusion Data Augmentation Method for Tomato-Leaf Disease Identification


Tomato disease control is of great significance to ensure crop production and tomato disease classification study is an essential tool for doing so. In this paper, we propose a new data augmentation method based on deep threshold multi-feature extraction convolution GAN with Mixed Attention and Markovian Discriminator (MMDGAN) for tomato disease leaf classification. Firstly, in the generator of MMDGAN, a deep threshold multi-feature extraction module was proposed to improve the feature extraction of tomato disease leaves. Then, a mixed attention mechanism combined cross attention module with fused features-highlighting module was proposed to coordinate the overall generation of images. Finally, for the discriminator, Markov discriminator was used to strengthen the similarity judgment of local texture of images. Based on the open datasets PlantVillage, the Frechet Inception Distance (FID) score of healthy tomato leaf image, Leaf Mold, Leaf Curl and Spider Mite generated by MMDGAN were 159.3010, 164.4744, 230.3825 and 254.9866 respectively. Thereafter, a B-ARNet model is trained on synthetic and real images using transfer learning to classify the four categories of tomato diseases. The proposed method achieved an accuracy of 97.12%, with and F1 value of 97.78%. The proposed approach shows its superiority over the existing methodologies.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


This work was supported by the Education Department of Hunan Province, Grant kq2014160.

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Deep Threshold Multi-Feature Extraction Module; Markovian Discriminator; Mixed Attention; MMDGAN Data Augmentation; Tomato Leaf Disease

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01 Jul 2022