Formulation of Problem-Based Learning in "Building Components Design" Education


“Building components design” education is carried out in different names in undergraduate education. The education model presented herein accepts the building as a set of systems. Used notions of prefabrication, open building concept and prescriptive codes are the determiner for problem-based learning “building components design” education. Problem-based learning as an alternative to traditional lecture learning environment targets students’ retention of desired knowledge. Results from this ongoing research with are discussed in this paper. The aims of this research is to show that PBL is an applicable educational model in “building components design” by using specific methodology. Therefore a series of methodologies and applicable building technologies are being presented herein. Existing notions in building industry are being applied to higher education by defining a formulation. The task in desired learning environment is to complete scaled models of selected building technology. The selection depends on the available and workable materialfor the students. This formulation is being tested already and proposed herein for other related courses as long as doing necessary revisions.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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01 Dec 2014