An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach for Prediction and Optimization of Modulus of Elasticity of Recycled Aggregate Concrete


This paper presents an ensemble machine learning (ML) model for prediction of modulus of elasticity (MOE) of concrete formulated using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA), in relation to features of its mixture design (e.g., physiochemical characteristics of RCA). The ensemble ML model's prediction performance was compared with five commonly-used ML models. It is shown that the ensemble ML model unfailingly produces more accurate predictions compared to standalone models. To demonstrate the ability of the ensemble ML model to go beyond MOE predictions, the model was used to develop optimal mixture designs for RCA concretes that satisfy imposed target MOE.


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Re-Cast Tier1 University Transportation Center

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Experimental and computational tasks, described in this study, were conducted in the Advanced Construction Materials Laboratory (AMCL) and the Materials Research Center (MRC), respectively, of Missouri S&T. Funding for this study was provided by the Leonard Wood Institute (LWI), RE-CAST Tier-1 University Transportation Center at Missouri S&T, and the National Science Foundation (NSF; CMMI: 1661609 and CMMI: 1932690).

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Ensemble machine learning; Modulus of elasticity (MOE); Random forests; Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)

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0950-0618; 1879-0526

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30 May 2020