Confinement of Concrete Columns with SRG


in this study, the behavior of concrete compressive members confined by steel reinforced grout (SRG) is investigated. An experimental study was carried out to understand the behavior of short concrete prisms with a square cross-section confined by SRG subjected to a monotonic concentric compressive load. Test parameters considered in this study are the density of steel fibers, number of layers, corner condition, number of overlapping faces, and length of the reinforcement. The effectiveness of the confinement is evaluated in terms of peak stress with respect to unconfined prisms. SRG confinement is shown to improve the compressive strength of concrete prisms relative to the unconfined condition. An increase in the number of confinement layers results in an increase in the compressive strength and energy absorption.

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Composites with Inorganic Matrix for Repair of Concrete and Masonry Structures 2017 (2017: Mar. 26-30, Detroit, MI)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Composites; Concrete; Confinement; Steel reinforced grout

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Mar 2018

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