Laboratory Assessment of Alaska Aggregates Using Micro-Deval Test


Aggregates suitable for use in asphalt concrete (AC) pavement construction must meet durability criteria. Thus, it is critical to select appropriate tests to properly characterize aggregate durability. In Alaska, durability tests currently being used for aggregates in AC pavement include Los Angeles (LA) abrasion test, sulfate soundness test and Washington degradation test. However, there have long been concerns arising over Washington degradation test used as an acceptance tool, motivating pavement practitioners to seek more suitable alternatives. This paper presents a study to investigate the feasibility of using Micro-Deval test, commonly used in other states, to evaluate the durability of Alaskan aggregates in AC pavement as well as its potential to replaceWashington degradation test. Micro-Deval test,Washington degradation test and other tests currently specified in Alaska were conducted on aggregates from 16 batches representing statewide sources. Based on the testing results, it is found that using Micro-Deval test for durability assessment of Alaska aggregates was feasible and reproducible, and a high potential was revealed to use Micro-Deval test to replace Washington degradation test in Alaska. It is recommended that Micro-Deval test be considered as an additional test for a certain period, but in the long run should be used along with current LA abrasion and sulfate soundness tests to provide a more desirable durability assessment of Alaska aggregates used in AC pavement.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Abrasion; Acceptance tests; Aggregates; Concrete aggregates; Pavements; Abrasion tests; Degradation test; Durability assessment; Durability test; High potential; Laboratory assessment; Micro-deval tests; Pavement construction; Durability; Aggregate durability; Washington degradation test

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01 Mar 2017