Short-Time Continuous Wavelet Transform of the Response of Time-Varying Systems


This study provides the first report on the formulation of short-time continuous wavelet transform and its signal reconstruction. This new development is motivated by the needs for adjustable frequency resolution over time in analyzing time-varying systems. An analytical signal with time-dependent frequency components is first used to characterize the behavior of the new transform in terms of time and frequency resolution distribution in time-frequency domain. The dynamic responses of time-varying systems such as a softening Duffing oscillator are next used as an example to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed transform and reconstruction. Finally, the developed short-time continuous wavelet transform is applied to develop an adaptive wavelet transform and identify the characteristic frequencies of reinforced concrete slabs with embedded delamination defects from impact-echo testing. The proposed new transform can detect and locate the embedded defects more accurately than the conventional continuous wavelet transform. In engineering applications, synchro-squeezed adaptive wavelet transform gives even more accurate results than the conventional adaptive wavelet.

Meeting Name

2018 International Conference on Sensor Networks and Signal Processing, SNSP 2018 (2018: Oct. 28-31, Xi'an, China)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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INSPIRE - University Transportation Center


Keynote presentation

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Continuous Wavelet Transform; Signal Reconstruction; Short-Time Continuous Wavelet Transform; Adaptive Wavelet Transform; Synchro-Squeezed Adaptive Wavelet Transform

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Oct 2018

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