Reply to "A Discussion on the Paper 'Determination of Mortar Setting Times using Shear Wave Velocity Evolution Curves Measured by the Bender Element Technique'" by J. Carette and S. Staquet


Large variations in ti and tf of cement-based materials exist if materials of different nature were considered altogether, which yields inaccurate predictions. Hence, the authors propose that wave velocity-based methods should be calibrated for each group of materials of the same hydration processes in nature. Exciting frequency close to the natural frequency and long travel distance are recommended. Time domain methods are still often used and reliable in first arrival time determination. A comparison between the authors' and the system used by Carette and Staquet is provided along with recommendations for future studies.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


The authors would like to thank the United States Department of Transportation and the Center for Infrastructures Engineering Studies for their financial supports. The financial supports of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Award No.: 51779219), the One-Thousand-Young-Talents Program of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, and the 1000-Talents Program of Zhejiang University to the corresponding author are also deeply appreciated.

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