Seismic Performance Assessment and Retrofit of Rectangular Bridge Piers with Externally Encased Circular Steel Jacket


In this paper, the experimental results of four bridge piers retrofitted with externally encased steel jackets are presented in detail. These piers have a 1/5 scale factor and were designed according to the current seismic design codes for bridges in China that contains no provision on good ductility and seismic performance for piers. Design variables include concrete strength, axial load level, volume of transverse reinforcement and so on. Tests on all four piers are completed in two stages. First, all piers are tested under cyclic loading to an excessively damaged state and their seismic performance is assessed. Then these piers are retrofitted with externally encased circular steel jackets and retested to total failure under the same loading condition. Ductility, strength, energy dissipation capacity and the lateral jacket strain are investigated. Test results indicate that retrofitting rectangular bridge piers with steel jackets can significantly improve the displacement ductility and energy dissipation capacity due to the firm confinement provided by the jacket and can also increase the strength and stiffness of the piers to some degrees.

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12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (2000: Jan. 30-Feb. 4, Auckland, New Zealand)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Feb 2000