Director: Dr. Genda Chen

Center Mission
CII creates, conveys, and applies engineering knowledge and operation intelligence that help solve the world’s increasing challenges with aging infrastructure for a safe, sustainable and resilient community and environment.

The Center for Intelligent Infrastructure will be the world’s leading research center for intelligent infrastructures. CII will be the center of choices for partners seeking a highly qualified and entrepreneurial workforce, innovative research, and novel ideas to integrate automation, informatics, and actuation into the life-cycle assessment, performance prediction, risk analysis, and post-disaster recovery of infrastructure systems through multi-scale modeling and sensing.

Strategic Plan
There is a critical need to transform currently disparate design, construction, and operation phases of cyber-physical infrastructures into an open-source, cloud-based application featuring computer simulations of physical infrastructures overlaid with cyber infrastructure. Such a digital infrastructure initiative will enable grand-scale fundamental and convergent research on the integrated design-build-operation process of infrastructure.


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