Potential Step Probes of Epitaxial Growth in Electrodeposited BCC Tl₂O₃ Films onto FCC Conducting Metal Oxides


Atwater, Harry A. and Chason, Eric and Grabow, Marcia H. and Lagally, Max G.


Potential step transients were investigated as an in-situ probe of epitaxial growth for electrodeposited conducting metal oxides of the Tl2O3 and PbaTlbOc systems. Changes in the induction time and growth type were observed for Tl2O3 deposition as a function of the substrate. The substrates studied were glassy carbon and [210]-textured Pb0.8Tl0.2O1.9. Tl2O3 deposited onto the glassy carbon electrode showed a distinct induction time, the magnitude of which was potential dependent. Also the type of growth was characterized as three dimensional with instantaneous nucleation. X-ray diffraction of this film shows a nearly random pattern. The potential step transient for Tl2O3 deposited onto the [210]-textured Pb0.2O1.9 showed the absence of an induction time and elimination of the growth segment. The type of growth was characterized as two dimensional. X-ray diffraction indicated epitaxy was obtained for the Tl2O3 films which grew two dimensionally onto the [210]-textured mixed oxide.

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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings (1993, Boston, MA, USA)



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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1993

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