Electrodeposition of Silver(II) Oxide Films


Continuous films of silver(II) oxide (AgO) have been electrodeposited directly from aqueous solutions of 50 mM silver acetate/25 mM sodium acetate onto 430 stainless steel, polycrystalline platinum, and indium-tin oxide-coated glass. Current efficiencies for the electrodeposition process ranged from 62 to 95% and were a function of the applied current density. X-ray diffraction of the electrodeposited films reveals a [010] texture when the thickness is greater than 1 μm. Freshly ground films or powders exhibit only reflections consistent with the monoclinic AgO structure. Rietveld analysis confirms the ground films are single-phase AgO with a P 21/c space group. The films were imaged and film thickness was measured by atomic force microscopy. Thermogravimetric analysis shows that the films begin to decompose in air above 13O°C, with an abrupt weight loss between 180 and 20O°C. The total weight loss of 6.4 to 6.5% corresponds to thermal decomposition of AgO to Ag2O with loss of oxygen. A direct optical bandgap of 1.1 eV was measured. The black AgO films absorb strongly in the near infrared and throughout the visible region. The four-point resistivity of the AgO films was 12 ± 1 Ω cm.



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01 Jan 1996