Fingerprints of a Local Supernova


The results of precise analysis of elements and isotopes in meteorites, comets, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, the solar wind, solar flares, and the solar photosphere since 1960 reveal the fingerprints of a local supernova (SN)-undiluted by interstellar material. Heterogeneous SN debris formed the planets. The Sun formed on the neutron (n) rich SN core. The ground-state masses of nuclei reveal repulsive n-n interactions that can trigger axial n-emission and a series of nuclear reactions that generate solar luminosity, the solar wind, and the measured flux of solar neutrinos. The location of the Sun's high-density core shifts relative to the solar surface as gravitational forces exerted by the major planets cause the Sun to experience abrupt acceleration and deceleration, like a yoyo on a string, in its orbit about the ever-changing centre-of-mass of the solar system. Solar cycles (surface magnetic activity, solar eruptions, and sunspots) and major climate changes arise from changes in the depth of the energetic SN core remnant in the interior of the Sun.



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Accretion and accretion disks; Binding energies and masses; Chemical composition; Comparative planetology; Fundamental astronomy and astrophysics; Late stages of stellar evolution; Luminosity and mass functions; Mass spectrometers; Neutron stars; Normal stars; Nuclear aspects of neutron stars; Nuclear astrophysics; Nuclear forces; Nuclear matter; Nuclear matter in neutron stars; Nuclear physics; Nuclear physics in supernovae; Nuclear structure; Nucleon-nucleon interactions; Nucleosynthesis in supernovae; Origin and evolution of planets; Origin and evolution of solar system; Origin, evolution, age; Origin, formation, abundances of elements; Photosphere; Planetary nebulae; Planetology; Pulsars; Solar composition; Solar emissions; Solar interior; Solar nebula; Solar neutrinos; Solar physics; Solar system; Solar system objects; Solar wind; Star formation; Stellar characteristics and properties; Stellar dynamics and kinematics; Stellar structure, interiors, evolution, ages; Stellar systems; Supernova debris; Supernova remnants; Supernovae; Transport processes

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