Nanoneedles and Core-Shell Carbon Nanotubes Encapsulating FeSe Nanowires


Iron chalcogenides have attracted considerable attention due to their novel electronic and magnetic properties which make them useful in magnetic semiconductor and spintronic devices. Recently iron selenide, crystallizing in the tetragonal phase, has been in the center of attraction after sudden discovery of superconductivity (Tc = 8K). We have synthesized FeSe nanowires encapsulated inside carbon nanotubes by a simple CVD reaction at 800°C from the volatile precursors, iron acetylacetonate and elemental Se. the core-shell FeSe/C nanotubes were grown on Au-coated Si substrates. the diameters of the nanotubes were 30-50 nm while the length exceeded several μm. the FeSe filling length could be varied by modifying the reaction conditions. in some cases the FeSe filling was pronounced and hollow at the tip and tapered down towards the tube interior forming a nanoneedle. the core-shell nanotubes were characterized by powder x-ray diffraction, SEM, HRTEM, EDAX, SAED with elemental mapping and magnetic measurements.

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242nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition (2011: Aug. 28-Sep. 1, Denver, CO)



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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Aug 2011

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