A New Calculation Method for Arenes Solubilities in the Whole Composition Range of Water-Sulfuric Acid System


Rules were developed to calculate the solubility of non-electrolytes including arenes and their derivatives in the water-sulfuric acid system over the entire range of composition. The approach predicts the solubility in the cases when direct measurements are impossible because of difficulties. Two examples were considered of applications of the rules formulated for benzene and nitrobenzene solutions in the sulfuric acid-water system. The solubility of benzene was measured at 0-90% sulfuric acid. The limiting distribution coefficient α of benzene over the entire range of compositions of the water-sulfuric acid system was calculated. The experimental and calculated data at 0-80% sulfuric acid agreed well. Thus, the calculated values for a more concentrated acid should also be correct. The solubility of nitrobenzene in the water-sulfuric acid system was measured by Hammett and Chapman (1934) at 0-79.3% at 298.15 K. The α values were calculated for this system. The calculated solubility was lower than the experimental one because nitrobenzene interacts with the water-sulfuric acid system.

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DGMK-Conference 'The Future Role of Aromatics in Refining and Petrochemistry' (13 October 1999 through 15 October 1999, Erlangen, Germany)



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01 Jan 1999

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