PBO Based Aerogels Promote Osteoblast Growth and Matrix Formation


Our goal was to determine the best PBO based aerogel for the successful tissue engineering of bone. Bone degeneration that results in bone mass loss or fractures is a significant concern for post-menopausal women, the elderly and astronauts. an optimal bone scaffold would promote bone cell growth and would allow for bone matrix deposition. We hypothesized that PBO based aerogels would met all of these criteria because they are mechanically stiff, porous and are formed from biocompatible materials. to test this, human osteoblasts were cultured with PBO aerogel samples for up to 5 days. Osteoblast viability, density and morphology were investigated. Metabolic activity, osteocalcin production and alkaline phosphatase activity were monitored. Viability was high on all scaffolds, where as density was improved on PBO aerogels that were reinforced with carbon. Metabolic activity and osteocalcin production was improved on carbon reinforced aerogel samples. Alkaline phosphatase activity was either normal or slightly improved on all PBO aerogels. Therefore, PBO aerogels, especially those reinforced with carbon, may provide a good substrate for new bone growth. Thanks to NSF for supporting this research.



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01 Jan 2011

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