Fabrication and Evaluation of Rice Hull Derived Nano Silica Composites


Rice hull with its high silica content can be used as an inexpensive source of high purity silica and silicon carbide (SiC) nanoparticles. Recent research indicates that incorporation of nano silica in composite materials can enhance properties of composite materials. Production of nano scale silica and silicon carbide from rice hull and their use in fabrication of composite materials was investigated. Nano scale particles were obtained from hydrochloric acid treated rice hulls. The acid treatment causes decomposition of organic matrix and removes most of metallic impurities from the rice hull. The acid treated rice hulls were oxidized in the air atmosphere at 7500C to obtain high purity white silica. A two step pyrolysis process was used for obtaining silicon carbide whiskers. The pyrolysis products were ball milled to obtain nano scale particles. The ball milled silica and silicon carbide were used as fillers with commercial epoxy resin systems to fabricate composite samples. The composite specimens obtained through molding process were evaluated for mechanical properties.

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International SAMPE Technical Conference (16 May 2004 through 20 May 2004, Long Beach, CA)



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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Rice hulls

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01 Jan 2004