Magnetic Structure Investigations at the Nuclear Center


The magnetic structure of the compounds UOS, -CoSO 4, YCo 5, and HoCo 5 is briefly described. UOS is antiferromagnetic. The Néel temperature is T n=55°K. The magnetic cell is doubled in the c direction with a ++ - sequence of U moments along c. The apparent spin is S∼1. The negative interaction corresponds to U-O-U links. In -CoSO 4 (high-temperature modification, space group Pbnm), Co atoms are in 000, 00, , 0. Here three different antiferromagnetic spin modes, mutually perpendicular, A x(+ - +), G y(+-+-), and C z(++ - ), in the Wollan-Koehler notation, are coupled. Direction cosines are 0.71, 0.50, and 0.50, respectively. The Co moment is about 3,84 B at 4.2°K. A field-induced spin flip to the configuration F x, C y, G z is predicted. YCO 5 is ferromagnetic at room temperature with a moment value of Co practically equal to that of metallic Co and moment direction along c, which is conserved down to 4.2°K. In HoCo 5 the moment of Ho is opposite to those of the Co atoms. When cooling from room to liquid helium temperature, the direction of easy magnetization changes from near c to a direction in the basal plane and the Ho moment increases from 4 to about 9 B. The compensation temperature is 70°K. © 1963 The American Institute of Physics.



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