High Resolution Dyed Color Filter Material for Use in Digital Photography Applications - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Color Photoresists


Blouke, M. M. and Sampat, N. and Canosa, J.


In this study, we have developed a new set of cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) dyed color filter materials to meet the need of digital photography applications. These new color filter materials consist of a dye, a photo sensitive polymer binder, photo initiators, and acrylic monomers in addition to safe solvents such as propylene glycol methyl ether (PGME) which allow deposition of thin film layers by standard spin-on coating techniques. CMY materials share many desirable properties with standard photoresists, e.g., excellent coating quality, thin film uniformity, and good adhesion to semiconductor substrates. They work as negative resists and are sensitive to i-line UV light with photo speed of 300 mJ/cm2 and below. We have shown, for example, that a 1μm film exposed and developed will exhibit high-resolution feature sizes of 3μm pixels and below. These CMY materials have excellent thermal and light stability and good color characteristics.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (2002, San Jose, CA)



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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2002