Study of Diverse Mechanisms of Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity in Gene-targeted Mice Using Flow Cytometric Cytotoxicity Assay


Cytotoxic lymphocytes kill tumor or virus-infected target cells utilizing two mechanisms - (1) release of lytic granules (containing perforin and granzymes), and (2) Fas ligand (FasL)/Fas or TNF-initiated apoptosis. We have examined mechanisms of target cell lysis by effector T cells from gene-targeted and mutant mice using a new Flow Cytometric Cytotoxicity Assay (FC Assay). Target cells were labeled with PKH67 dye. Cell death was estimated by 7-AAD inclusion and annexin V-PE binding. A direct correlation has been found between the percentage of dead target cells in FC Assay and the results of 111In release cytotoxicity assay when effector T cells from either Pfp -/- (perforin knockout) or gld (non-functional Fas Ligand) mice were used. As shown by the 4 h FC assay, the granule-mediated mechanism was utilized by T cells from gld mice. In contrast, T cells from Pfp -/- mice used death receptor-mediated lysis. Therefore, cytotoxic cells from gene-targeted and mutant mice can serve as valuable tools for studying different mechanisms of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, and the FC assay could be applied irrespective of which cytotoxic effector pathway is involved. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.



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01 Jan 2002