Towards a Better Air Assisted Flare Design for Low Flow Conditions: Analysis of Radial Slot and Flow Effects


Numerical investigation of flow field characteristics of air injected through an inclined radial slot into a crossflowing stream has been studied for gas flaring applications. CFD is used to simulate turbulent mixing between the inclined slot jet and the crossflowing stream. The slot injection angle with respect to the crossflow, the slot jet velocity, and the slot height were varied in this study. Velocity profiles obtained from the simulations were compared to measured profiles. Simulation results showed that the centerline upflow axial velocities increased with decreasing injection angle and increasing slot height. Results also showed that decreasing injection angle increased the horizontal penetration of the jet flow into the crossflow stream.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


The authors thank the Higher Committee for education development of Iraq (HCED), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Iraq) for their academic scholarship. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Wayne and Gayle Laufer Foundation.

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Air-assisted flare; Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Inclined slot jet; Purge flow condition; Radial velocity profile

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01 Jan 2022