Phase Distribution in Fischer-Tropsch Mimicked Slurry Bubble Column via Computed Tomography


This study aims to investigate the phases distribution and hydrodynamics in an air-Therminol LT-glass beads slurry bubble column reactor in bubbly and churn-turbulent flow regimes by implementing a gamma-ray computed tomography. It is found that gas holdup increases with increasing superficial gas velocity and operating pressure while increasing solids loading has an opposite effect on gas holdup measurements. It is noticed that the pressure effect is more significant at high solids loading and the solids loading is relatively more substantial at lower pressure. Solids loading has the most significant a stronger effect on the solids holdup profile than on the gas holdup profile. Current results were compared with the Sedimentation-Dispersion Model (SDM) predictions. The findings of this study advance the knowledge of the true behavior of phases distribution in FT mimicked slurry bubble columns which are pertinent in designing such reactors.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Center for High Performance Computing Research


The authors are thankful to the partial financial support provided by DOE-UCR grant (DE-FG-26-99FT40594), which made this work possible.

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Computed Tomography; Hydrodynamics; Multiphase Reactor; Phase Distribution; Slurry Bubble Column

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15 Feb 2021