Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene in an Integrated CO₂ Capture-Utilization Process


Integrated carbon capture-utilization provides a viable approach to curb anthropogenic CO2 emissions and, at the same time, produce valuable chemicals and fuels from a waste carbon feedstock. Herein, we report in-situ capture and utilization of CO2 in ethylene production through oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over adsorbent-catalyst materials consisting of double salt K-Ca and Cr-impregnated H-ZSM-5. The adsorption step was conducted at 600 °C using 10 % CO2/Ar, followed by the reaction step at 700 °C using 5 % C2H6/Ar. An adsorption capacity of 5.2 mmol/g was obtained for K-Ca at 600 °C. The effects of Cr content, C2H6 feed concentration and weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) were investigated to determine the optimum process conditions for this combined process. Under 5000 mL/g h and 5 vol% C2H6 feed concentration, Cr10/HZSM-5 physically-mixed with K-Ca (weight ratio of 1:1) exhibited the highest ethane conversion at 25 % with ethylene selectivity of 88 %, owing to its higher turnover frequency (TOF) number and lower Cr surface density.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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05 Dec 2020