Prediction of Spout Diameter in Gas-Solid Spouted Beds using Factorial Design of Experiments Approach with the Aid of Advanced Optical Fibre Probe


In this study, the effects of five operating and design variables (solid density, static bed height, particle diameter, superficial gas velocity, and inlet diameter) on the average spout diameter of a 0.152 m inside diameter gas-solid spouted bed have been assessed experimentally using advanced gas-solid optical fibre probe technique. Statistical analysis of the experimental data including the factorial design of the experiments using MINITAB17 statistical software has been performed to determine the extent of the effects of these variables on the spout diameter as a case study. It was found that all five operating and design variables, except the solid density together with the 2-ways interactions between particles size and inlet diameter, in addition to gas velocity and inlet diameter, have a significant effect on the average spout diameter. Regression analysis was performed to correlate these variables with the average spout diameter for the gas-solid spouted beds. The obtained preliminary regression correlation was able to closely predict the average spout diameter of this work with the mean relative deviation value of 0.7 %.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


The authors would like to thank Department of Energy-Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (DOE-NERI) grant (NERI DEFC07-07ID14822) for the financial support, which made this work possible.

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Design of Experiments; Fluidized Beds; Gases; Optical Fibers; Probes; Regression Analysis; Average Spout Diameter; Design Variables; Optical Fibre Probes; Particle Diameters; Relative Deviations; Spouted Bed; Statistical Software; Superficial Gas Velocities; Statistical Methods; Gas-Solid Spouted Bed; Operating and Design Variables; Statistical Analysis

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01 Aug 2017