Single-Stage, Liquid-Phase Dimethyl Ether Synthesis Process from Syngas. II. Comparison of Per-Pass Syngas Conversion, Reactor Productivity and Hydrogenation Extent


In part I of this series on the development of a single-stage, liquid-phase dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis process from syngas, the process feasibility and the process variable effects on the dual catalyst activity were discussed. This part focuses on the comparison of the single-stage reactor productivity of liquid phase methanol synthesis to that of the co-production of methanol and DME. It is experimentally demonstrated that the single-stage reactor productivity for the co-production of methanol and DME could be as much as 60% higher than that for liquid phase methanol synthesis alone. Along with this, a 50% increase in the syngas conversion is also obtained. Further, this approach is shown to co-produce methanol and DME in any fixed proportion, ranging from 5% DME to 95% DME, at significant synthesis rates of DME.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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01 Jan 1991