Novel DTA Method for Thermal Stability Analysis


A Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) technique to study the kinetics of highly exothermic reactions for estimating thermal stability parameters has been developed. The technique involves measuring and analyzing the heat generated due to the reaction from a differential temperature curve. The technique has been tested by studying the kinetics of the reaction between sodium thiosulfate and hydrogen peroxide whose kinetic parameters are already known and whose thermal stability has been analyzed by a different technique. First the envisioned experiment was simulated on computer, then the DTA experimental equipment was designed on the basis of the computer simulation and finally the actual reaction between Na//2S//2O//4 and H//2O was performed. The satisfactory results demonstrated the feasibility of the DTA technique for estimating the kinetic parameters.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers 1986 Annual Meeting


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering-computer Simulation; Chemical-differential Thermal Analysis

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1986

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