Composite Materials Based on Epoxy Resins and Different Fillers


The bulletproof jacket and the cassette shields of reactive armors are formed from different layers containing polymeric composite material of low density but with high resistance to penetration of high kinetic energy projectiles. Composites based on epoxies are very rigid and can resist bullet penetration specially when made with other layers of carbon fibers or Kevlar. In this work different composites based on epoxy resins were prepared and all mechanical properties were determined including resistance to high kinetic energy by falling steel ball to reach the optimum composition, which may be used in the production of the bulletproof jackets and reactive armors cassettes. In this work different compositions of composite materials based on epoxy resin and four different fillers were prepared and all mechanical characteristics were investigated to reach a composite material having high resistance to impact by high kinetic energy projectiles which are required in the production of bulletproof jackets and also in cassette shields of reactive armors to protect tanks. This composite material is usually applied as layers with other polymeric fibers such as carbon fibers and Kevlar.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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