The aim of the research is to design and produce a durable, and high load, bearing build constructing bricks based on cement, sand, and aggregates with the addition of Nano silica, studying the effect of the added materials to get a background about the impact of the Nano silica on the ability of using such a product. The cement used is 52.5 grade which represent the strength of the cement, sand with particle size 300-600 micrometer, aggregates with diameter lays between 0.5-1 cm better to use smaller size, water, and finally Nano-silica with particle size 17 nm with purity higher than 99.9%. the final size of the produced brick is a cubic shape with 4*4*4 cm in dimension. The research results have been achieved and stated that as the percentage of the Nano silica increase the strength increase and the bricks withstood for more loads and nominated the 10% Nano-silica of the total weight or of the cement weight as the best percentage among the prepared samples percentages and gives a strength of 6.4 MPa.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Silicon Dioxide, nanotechnology, Cement bricks

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