Wetting Kinetics of a Drop on a Horizontal Solid Surface under a Viscous Ambient Liquid


The wetting kinetics of a drop on a horizontal solid surface covered by a viscous liquid has been investigated. Theory indicates the rates of movement behave similarly for cases when the ratio of the ambient fluid viscosity to the drop viscosity χ is very high to very low. the case where the above viscosity ratio is low is well-known, since spreading rates are usually measured in air. the experimental data for χ ∼ 1 are provided here. the extent of spreading is proportional to time raised to a power which is closer to 1/7 than the expected value of 1/10. Contact line instability was also observed in that the contact lines were seen to be wavy. It is suggested here that the deviation seen in the power is related to the contact line instability.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Contact Angle; Contact Line Instability; Drop Breakup; Reaction Kinetics; Viscosity of Liquids; Wetting

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01 Jan 1998