Dusty-Gas Parameters Of Activated Carbon Absorbent Particles


Industrial gas phase adsorption processes often operate in the transition region of transport and the currently employed effective pore diffusion models cannot describe accurately the mass fluxes in this transport regime. The dusty-gas model provides appropriate constitutive equations for the mass fluxes in the transition region of transport, and it is expected to replace in the future the models currently used to describe mass transfer in porous adsorbent particles. In order to use the dusty-gas model estimates of the viscous, Knudsen diffusion, and molecular diffusion permeability constants of the adsorbent must be known. Gas flow and Wicke-Kallenback experiments were performed and from the experimental data and the dusty-gas expressions, the viscous, Knudsen diffusion, and molecular diffusion permeability rnnstants of activated carhnn adsr&rhent nartides were for the first time_ ealenlated_. © 1987, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Activated carbon; Diffusion; Dusty-gas; Permeability; Porous

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01 Jan 1987