Mixtures may be evaporated from one interface of a Non wettable porous membrane with diffusion through the vapor-filled pores and condensation at the other interface of the membrane, by a sufficiently higher temperature on the mixture side maintained by a heat supply to the mixture and heat removal from the condensate equal to the latent heat transferred with vapor plus heat transferred by conduction. This permits essentially infinite-stage flash evaporation at constant liquid pressures, either with diffusion through Non condensable gases in the pores, or with vapor flow at a lower pressure than liquid pressures, but with liquids excluded from pores by surface tension. Paper, glass fiber, and diatomaceous earth–containing membranes can be used for this type of transfer, and better membranes appear to be feasible. Calculations indicate possible economical performance, especially at high temperatures, if high temperature, long life, and low cost membranes are obtainable. © 1967, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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01 Apr 1967