Developing Flow in a Pipe


In this exercise, developing flow in a pipe is modeled. The pipe is represented in two dimensions, assuming axisymmetric flow. The radius and the length of the pipe can be changed. Coarse, medium, and fine mesh types are available. The flow can be solved with or without heat transfer. The material properties for flow without heat transfer (viscosity and density) and for flow with heat transfer (viscosity, density, specific heat, and thermal conductivity) can be specified. Inlet velocity, inlet temperature, heat flux, and wall temperature can be specified as boundary conditions. The exercise reports total pressure drop, wall friction force, total heat flux, and the temperature rise. The plots for centerline velocity, pressure, and temperature distributions, wall friction factor, temperature, and Nusselt number distributions are available. Velocity and temperature profiles at specified axial positions can be displayed. Contours of velocity, pressure, temperature, and stream function can be displayed. A velocity vector plot is also available.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Nusselt Number; Centerline Velocity; Flow; Heat Flux; Heat Transfer

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12 Apr 2007