Anaerobic Digestion Kinetics Study of Cow Manure Was Performed at 35°C in Bench-Scale Gas-Lift Digesters (3.78 L Working Volume) at Eight Different Volatile Solids (VS) Loading Rates in the Range of 1.11-5.87 G L-1 Day-1. the Digesters Produced Methane at the Rates of 0.44-1.18 L L-1 Day-1, and the Methane Content of the Biogas Was Found to Increase with Longer Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT). based on the Experimental Observations, the Ultimate Methane Yield and the Specific Methane Productivity Were Estimated to Be 0.42 L CH4 (G vs. Loaded)-1 and 0.45 L CH4 (G vs. Consumed)-1, Respectively. Total and Dissolved Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Consumptions Were Calculated to Be 59-17% and 78-43% at 24.4-4.6 Days HRTs, respectively. Maximum Concentration of Volatile Fatty Acids in the Effluent Was Observed as 0.7 G L-1 at 4.6 Days HRT, While It Was Below Detection Limit at HRTs Longer Than 11 Days. the Observed Methane Production Rate Did Not Compare Well with the Predictions of Chen and Hashimoto's [1] and Hill's [2] Models using their Recommended Kinetic Parameters. However, under the Studied Experimental Conditions, the Predictions of Chen and Hashimoto's [1] Model Compared Better to the Observed Data Than that of Hill's [2] Model. the Nonlinear Regression Analysis of the Experimental Data Was Performed using a Derived Methane Production Rate Model, for a Completely Mixed Anaerobic Digester, Involving Contois Kinetics [3] with Endogenous Decay. the Best Fit Values for the Maximum Specific Growth Rate (Μm) and Dimensionless Kinetic Parameter (K) Were Estimated as 0.43 Day-1 and 0.89, Respectively. the Experimental Data Were Found to Be within 95% Confidence Interval of the Prediction of the Derived Methane Production Rate Model with the Sum of Residual Squared Error as 0.02. © Humana Press Inc. 2007.


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Anaerobic; Digestion; Kinetics; Manure; Mathematical model; Mesophilic; Methane production

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01 Sep 2007

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