Electrical Double-Layer Effects Near a Contact Line


The exact solution of the linearized Poisson-Boltzman equation has been obtained for a wedge-shaped liquid film on a solid surface. Approximate solution for the case of very thin films has been obtained and included in a force balance equation for the region near a contact line. It is seen that when the vapor-liquid interface has a constant charge density, the electrical effects have no influence. in the case where the interface has a constant surface potential, the profiles are distorted but the region near the contact angle remains unaffected being primarily under the influence of the intermolecular forces of interaction between the liquid and the solid. It is argued as well that in the dynamic cases the effect of the electrical double layers would be small. Thus the cases investigated here yield not much specific feature characteristic of the electrical double-layer effects, even though the strength of such effects according to conventional calculations is infinite at the contact line, it is outweighed by the intermolecular forces. © 1984.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Electrostatics; Physical Chemistry

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01 Apr 1984