The Effect of Gas Sparger Design on the Gas Holdup Radial Profile in a Bubble Column (With a Diameter of 0.162 M) Has Been Studied using Γ-Ray Computed Tomography (CT). Six Different Configurations of Gas Spargers Were Examined, using an Air-Water System for Selected Superficial Gas Velocities from 2 Cm/s to 30 Cm/s, Covering the Homogeneous and Heterogeneous (Churn-Turbulent) Flow Regimes. Two Operating Pressures Were Used: 1 and 4 Atm. Differences Were Found between the Gas Holdup Distributions Produced by Different Spargers at Dimensionless Radii of R/R < 0.8 in the Central Region of the Column. the Cross and Single Nozzle Spargers Produced Closely Similar Gas Holdup Distributions, While the Perforated Plate Sparger Produced a Higher Gas Holdup When Compared to Other Spargers with the Same Percentage Open Area (POA). at 4 Atm, the Sparger Design Did Not Have a Significant Effect on the Gas Holdup Profiles, Compared to Atmospheric Pressure, Except for the Case of the Single-Hole Sparger, Which Was Found to Yield a Higher Gas Holdup. © 2009 American Chemical Society.


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07 Jan 2009