Heat Transfer Study in a Pilot-Plant Scale Bubble Column


The Effects of Superficial Gas Velocity on Heat Transfer Coefficient and its Time-Averaged Radial Profiles Along the Bed Height Have Been Investigated in a Pilot-Plant Scale Bubble Column of 0.44. M Diameter using Air-Water System. Notable Differences Were Observed in Heat Transfer Coefficients Along the Bed Axial Locations Particularly between the Sparger (Z/D= 0.28) and the Fully Developed Flow (Z/D= 4.8) Regions. in the Fully Developed Flow Region Larger Heat Transfer Coefficient Values Were Obtained Compared to Those in the Sparger Region. About 14-22% Increase in Heat Transfer Coefficients Measured in the Fully Developed Flow Region Has Been Observed Compared to Those Measured in the Distributor Region When the Superficial Gas Velocity Increases from 0.05 to 0.45. M/s. the Heat Transfer Coefficients in the Column Center for All the Conditions Studied Are About 9-13% Larger Than Those Near the Wall Region. It Has Been Noted that in the Fully Developed Flow Region, the Axial Variation of the Heat Transfer Coefficients Was Not Significant. © 2010.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


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Axial location; Bubble columns; Flow regime; Heat transfer coefficient; Pilot-plant scale; Radial profile

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01 Jan 2011