Development and Implementation of a Computer-Based Learning System in Chemical Engineering


This paper describes the development and implementation of a computer-based learning system for the University of Missouri - Rolla (UMR) chemical engineering curriculum. The project has three major goals: provide a learner-centered study environment for our students, integrate the learning system into the department assessment plan and redesign a traditional classroom for synchronous delivery of the learning system. Systems like WebCT and BlackBoard are gaining popularity for course authoring and web-based delivery of course content; however, no single system meets all project goals. The current paper discusses our rationale in selecting the base software and provides a detailed description of the system hardware, software and the new classroom. The most time consuming effort involves the design and development of the resource modules; particularly those that involve mathematical equations, graphics or a high degree of interactivity. This paper discusses the steps involved in this process and provides examples of what can be done with current technology. Some sample content pages and assessment results from the undergraduate thermodynamics course are provided.

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ASEE Annual Conference


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Computer Software; Graphic Methods; Learning Systems; Thermodynamics

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2001

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