Integration of Dynamic Growth Modeling and Hydrodynamics in an Internal-Loop Split Photobioreactor


In this study, new high-quality experimental data for culturing green microalgae Scenedesmus in tubular and cylindrical split airlift photobioreactors were obtained under different operating conditions. The obtained experimental data of culturing microalgae Scenedesmus in a tubular photobioreactor were used for determining the kinetic parameters of the photosynthetic reaction. On the other hand, the culturing of green microalgae in a split airlift photobioreactor was used to measure the microalgae cell trajectory using an advanced radioactive particle tracking (RPT) technique. The obtained results in terms of kinetic parameters of the photosynthetic reaction and microalgae cell trajectory were integrated for the first time to obtain the three-state dynamic growth model. This integration between dynamic growth and cell trajectories will provide a direct and comprehensive tool for photobioreactor analysis, which is essential for proper and efficient reactor design and scale-up for large-scale biomass production.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by the Iraqi government, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq, the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED), and the fund provided by Missouri S&T and Professor Al-Dahhan to develop the radioactive particle tracking technique and the experimental set-up, and to perform the experiments.

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Dynamic Growth Model; Hydrodynamics; Microalga Scenedesmus; RPT Technique; Split Photobioreactor

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1097-4660; 0268-2575

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01 May 2022